Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Reno, NVAs a homeowner, you like to ensure that every room and corner in your house is well-planned and well-designed. In this effort, you consider every space meticulously and work with your architect, interior designer or contractor to ensure that all the installations, features, furniture, décor and every decorative piece is chosen with care. This is what makes your home unique.

However, there are times when you just can’t seem to find furniture that fit in well with the available spaces. This is where custom furniture comes into the picture. We at Mondragon Innovative Design and Home have handled a significant number of custom furniture designing projects for customers in and around Reno, Placerville, Sun Valley, Truckee and Carson City. We also cater to customers across Fernley, South Lake Tahoe, Grass Valley, Fallon as well as Susanville.

Why Choose Customized Furniture?

  • Every property owner will have their own ideas and preferences and when you choose to get custom wooden furniture for your home, you get something that matches your needs to perfection.
  • There are times when standard furniture just won’t fit into certain nooks or spaces in your home. Maybe you want your TV media stand to be of a certain height, or you want your wardrobe to have a certain number of shelves; or you may want a study table that fits perfectly into a niche in your home office.
  • If you are redecorating your home and adding to the furniture you already have, you may not find new furniture that complements the look of the existing pieces. It means that any store bought product will stand out like a sore thumb and have a negative impact on the overall appearance of the room. Tailor-made cabinets and other furniture pieces can be made to your specifications and with the materials and finishes you want. This ensures a cohesive look will be maintained in the room.
  • When you opt for specially designed furniture, you can pick the kind of base material you want or if you want a certain combination of materials, that can be arranged as well.
  • Custom furniture tends to last longer as you can choose the best wood and other materials. And so, while specially designed furniture may have a slightly higher upfront cost, it provides value in the long term.

Our Custom Furniture Design Work Approach

We have years of experience behind us and are focused on providing our customers timber furniture that will match their requirements and fit in perfectly into the décor and theme of their home. Our designers work closely with you and will provide color consultation and take accurate measurements of the available space.

They will discuss your requirements in detail, take a detailed look at the other furniture pieces that exist in that space and then provide designer furniture solutions. For more information, call Mondragon Innovative Design and Home for an onsite consultation and custom furniture cost. You can speak with our experts at this number- 7753038108, or send us your project details via this online form on our website.