Home Automation

Home automation is one of the best home improvement projects that you can work on. It is a useful, modern tool that makes life easier and more comfortable. This technology enables you to automate devices and appliances inside your home and lets you control them remotely, whenever and wherever you are. Its outstanding benefits include home safety, security, convenience, and comfort. Plus, the use of this modern technology will greatly benefit older and physically challenged family members.

If the aforementioned benefits excite you, then call Mondragon Innovative Design and Home. Our company has a vast experience in creating automated homes- from simple addition of smart lighting systems to installation of complete home automation technologies. We take pride in providing our clients efficient designs and quality workmanship. We have already served clients in greater Nevada area, particularly homeowners from Carson City, Cold Springs, Fernley, Lockwood, McCarran, Reno, Spanish Springs, Sparks, Sun Valley, and Virginia City. Call us now at (775) 303-8108!

NV’s Home Automation Specialist

Mondragon Innovative Design and Home is one of Nevada’s home automation specialists. Our expertise in this area is proven by the number of satisfied clients that we have served. We have people who are updated on the latest developments in automation technology. We guarantee the quality of our work, so you should not worry about system failures or poor performance due to poorly installed system. Our technicians will install only reliable systems and ensure their proper functioning. You will also benefit from our wide range of automation solutions. We can make your home energy efficient with the use of modern technologies, appliances, and fixtures. We can also improve your home’s security by installing alarm and security systems on your windows and doors, garage doors, and gates. Please contact us to get the right solution for your home.

Excellent Automation Options for Your Home

There are great options in home automated solutions. You can automate certain areas in your home or you can choose to implement total home automation. Some of our solutions integrate programmable HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting controls for safety and lower energy cost. Many systems also provide remote access, are expandable, and allow you to add more capabilities as needed. These systems can have touch screen displays and remotely managed using an internet-connected computer or mobile device. For your ultimate convenience, some of our automated installations are equipped with sophisticated surveillance cameras for added security.

Here are some more options for your home:

  • Motion and smoke detectors
  • Fire and gas leakage alarms
  • Appliances with smart grid and meters
  • Automated windows and blinds
  • Thermostat controls for water cooling and heating

Reliable Home Automation Systems

We use only top-notch products from leading brands to ensure the reliability and 100 percent functioning of your automation system. Our designs are also guaranteed fail-proof because of the type of technology we use and the excellent skills of our installers. With our home automation solutions, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the system is made from durable products and installed by experienced professionals.

Contact us today to enjoy the wonderful benefits of home automation. The technology we use will make your life more comfortable, more secure and safer. Dial (775) 303-8108.