Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Reno, NVYour kitchen is one room in your home that sees extensive usage on a daily basis; over time, it also withstands a significant amount of wear and tear and you find that the features and elements here start looking old and worn. However when it comes to carrying out any upgrades or home improvement projects, it is one room that takes a back seat.

This primarily happens because kitchen remodeling jobs can be a little complex. There are a number of elements in your kitchen, and you also have to be mindful of the plumbing and kitchen appliances etc. It’s how these jobs get sidelined and your kitchen continues to look shabby and drab.

But that’s not how it needs to be; we at Mondragon Innovative Design and Home have handled a significant number of kitchen remodeling projects for customers in and around Reno, Placerville, Sun Valley, Truckee and Carson City. We also cater to customers across Fernley, South Lake Tahoe, Grass Valley, Fallon as well as Susanville.

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services

When you hire our services, you are assured that:

  • Experienced and expert kitchen renovation contractors are handling the job
  • We understand that you want your kitchen to be functional and comfortable and that the movement flow should be in line with your needs
  • In addition you want the space to look cheery and attractive. Our kitchen designers keep all these aspects in view while providing designs and quotes
  • We provide end-to-end solutions and handle everything from conceptualization, designing, project management, supervision to successful installation of all the features. The different aspects involved in the project include:

    • Replacement of wall and flooring tiles
    • Construction of solid surface counter tops
    • Backsplash installation
    • Re-facing cabinets
    • Replacement of cabinets
    • Plumbing
    • Lighting
    • Other

Once the installation is complete, our experts will also conduct a walkthrough of the renovated kitchen and will ensure that all the features are just as you wanted them to be.

Our Work Approach to Kitchen Renovation

We are a company that is highly focused on providing you solutions that will work perfectly for you and we are committed to providing you cost-effective solutions. This is why we check all the existing features in the kitchen. If our experts feel that some of them can be re-purposed or recycled, we will recommend that; you can decide whether it’s something you want to do and this approach could save you a tidy sum on the remodeling work.

High Quality Kitchen Installations

We also keep our costs low by sourcing the best and most highly skilled, yet economical contractor services to handle the installation work. If we find that external contactors would be able to tackle the job at a reasonable cost, we will pull them into the project. However, our supervisors ensure that the entire project runs as planned and to the high standards that we always follow.

If you want high quality kitchen design solutions and end-to-end installation services, we at Mondragon Innovative Design and Home can provide customized services. For an onsite consultation and quote, speak with our experts at this number- 7753038108. You can also send us your project details via this online form on our website.